» RightSignature & ShareFile Integration
Full integration provides best-in-class file sharing and e-signatures

  • Easy Online E-Signatures

  • Streamline Your Practice

  • Go Paperless

  • Improve Client Experience

  • Strengthen Legal Defensibility

  • Eliminate Professional Liability

Documents Signed Online in Minutes
Obtain compliant e-signatures on Engagement Letters, Client Intake Forms,
Declarations, and more. Impress your clients, and eliminate professional liability
related to version confusion, tampering accusations, and lost originals



Choose Document
Upload a file in any common
format, such as PDF or DOC.
Alternatively, select a document
from ShareFile, or select one of
your custom Reusable Templates.

Specify Recipients
Enter the name and email of
each signer on the document.

Type Subject and Send
Describe the subject of the
document, enter an optional
message to your recipients,
and click send.

Parties Fill Out and Sign Online
RightSignature automatically walks
the signer through each required
task on the document – text fields,
check boxes, date fields, and
more. Parties sign with a mouse,
trackpad, webcam, or any
touchscreen mobile device.

“With RightSignature you can
upload contracts and have
them signed in a faster, cheaper,
and more secure way than
paper documents.”

“You can send a document out for
signing in around 60 seconds.”

“The RightSignature user interface
is elegant … it has a flow that
makes makes it simple to complete
the signing of documents.”

Compliant with E-Signature Laws
Documents executed on RightSignature have the same
legal validity and enforceability of pen-and-paper contracts.
The E-SIGN and UETA laws established the legal validity of
electronic signatures in the U.S., and similar legislation has
been passed in the EU and most nations around the world

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